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Vertebralia – Center of Spine Excellence is a private clinic for the integrated treatment of all sorts of spinal and disc diseases. By analyzing causes of pain, not only symptoms we strive to restore our patients’ health and quality of life in the fastest possible way.

We are familiar with all proven treatments and especially focus on interventional pain therapy and minimal-invasive procedures in order to avoid open spine surgery.
The therapy in Vertebralia includes infiltrations, blockages, electrotherapy, manual therapy, massages and SPINELINER among others. The most important element of the first consultation is the physical examination, which follows special guidelines, based on 20 years of experience in our Austrian clinic. X-ray MRI and CT scans are analyzed in the second step and aligned with the findings from the physical examination. Based on the diagnostic findings the treatment strategy is developed individually for every single patient.


Primarius Dr. Alexander Kraft



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